Law Firm Website Design and Development

Pillar & Scroll offers the easiest way to get a professionally designed website for your Entrepreneurial Law Firm.

Website design
for busy lawyers

Most website agencies create a law firm website and then hand the keys over for you to manage. That’s fine for Mega Law Firms with the in-house resources and time to learn the necessary skills and handle the extra work.

We work with Entrepreneurial Law Firms that need an experienced website service provider to take care of everything.


Present your law firm professionally

Unlimited support & technical updates


A professional online presence for your law firm is only a few clicks away.


All-inclusive website pricing for busy lawyers

Pay for your website through a monthly payment plan or save money by paying a set-up fee.
Setup Fee

Save $600

+ On-Going Support
Payment Plan
+ On-Going Support

Expert legal marketing guidance

Access our legal marketing experts to plan your professional law firm website.

We work until you are happy

You receive unlimited revisions until you sign off on your design.

Unlimited support

All planning meetings, content updates after launch and support are included.

Website Essentials

Everything your law firm needs for a professional online presence



upfront payment + monthly fee
(for a minimum of 12 months)


monthly fee
(for a minimum of 12 months)

Package Overview:
Please note that prices are in US Dollars (USD).
Australian clients attract an additional 10% GST.

Select your
'Engagement Add-Ons'

Improve your law firm’s online performance and engagement
with additional functionality and support.
Monthly pricing is for a minimum of 12 months. Add-ons can be purchased at any time; however, this will attract a set-up fee. See our FAQs for more details.

Additional support for your law firm’s website

Do you need help with copywriting or photography?  We can help!

Professional copywriting

The significance of well-crafted website content for a law firm cannot be overstated.

While some of our clients elect to generate this content on their own, others leverage the skills of our professional legal copywriters and editors to ensure their website content resonates strongly with their audience.

Copywriting prices are available in the online order form.

Free lawyer photography sourcing

We recommend law firms include photographs of each team member featured on their website.  

If you need new photographs, Pillar & Scroll can source quotes from professional photographers in your local area at no additional charge. These quotes will be collated and provided for your review and decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about payments, agreement terms, technical information or functionality (including add-ons), please read the FAQ on our All Inclusions page.

You can have as many pages as you need based on the content types included in your package. For example, with the Website Essentials package, you can have unlimited expertise pages and lawyer profiles. If you add the news and insights functionality, you can publish as many news or insights articles as you like.

Please note that while there is an additional cost for content creation, all content uploads, migrations, formatting, and updates are included in the support service.

Yes, we can migrate content from your existing website. Our fair use policy is typically sufficient for most clients. However, if the migration involves a large volume of pages and articles (e.g., more than 250) or if the existing website is on a complex or less common platform, we reserve the right to provide an estimate. If you’re unsure whether your site falls under this fair use policy, please book a free consultation, and we will take a look for you.

Pillar & Scroll offers a done-for-you service. We manage the WordPress content management system to ensure quality and security. You can request as many updates as you like, and they will be made within one business day—typically much faster for minor adjustments.

If you terminate your contract, you will have full administrative access to your website.

We will guide you through this process during your onboarding call. Our client portal is specifically designed to handle large files, making it simple for you to upload and share your content and photographs with us.

Terms & Conditions

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